6 Practical Tips In Buying Charms For Bracelets

Online you can buy Charms for Bracelets with a wearable emergency reserve. these are available at https://braceletworld.co/. The choice of colors, types and sizes is quite large. How not to make a mistake with the choice? Which bracelet to choose for a man, which one for a child, and which for a girl? How to choose the size? What is the difference between bracelets? How to make a purchase? All these questions can be answered in this article.

It is very simple to buy a survival bracelet, choose a bracelet type, color, additional options, throw everything into the basket, specify your data for sending the package and place your order and now in detail about all the nuances. If your boyfriend is like Bear Grylls, this bracelet should impress him.

Paracord Bracelet Type

 The main difference between bracelets with a wearable emergency reserve is the quantity of this NAZ itself.

The simplest, but at the same time more compact and convenient for constant wear, is the survivable bracelet. The maximum size of this bracelet is 20 cm (XL). It looks better on women’s, children’s or just a thin hand and will not be convenient for people with thick fingers, as it has a small fastex and it will not be convenient to unbutton it. The lively bracelet contains from 4 to 6 meters of paracord, 5 fishing hooks, 6 meters of fishing thread, 2 sealed matches and strikes.

Medium-sized bracelet has a large selection of color combinations, nothing superfluous and at the same time contains 7 items from 4.5 to 6 meters of paracord, 5 fishing hooks, 6 meters of fishing thread, 2 hermetically packed matches and strikes, Flint , blade, alarming whistle. It has a large fasteks, which is convenient to undo and fasten.

The most sophisticated survival bracelet is Extreme. It contains 9 items. All is in the bracelet Second Chance compass with flammable liquid and tinder to ignite the fire from the spark. This bracelet is really very functional and can rightly be called a survival bracelet, but wearing such a bracelet every day in everyday life may not be very comfortable. A bracelet more suitable for traveling and serious forays into nature.  It is worth adding that for each bracelet you can add an additional stock of tinder for ignition and potassium permanganate in a sealed package. Potassium permanganate can be used to disinfect water, in case of poisoning, to wash wounds.

New lightweight bracelets Snakes are not included in the table, contain a smaller set of NAZ, but more comfortable for everyday wear, they are softer and more elastic. The thickness of the bracelets Snakes is smaller and they are also a bit narrower, so for a small hand size they are more comfortable. For girls experts also recommend these particular bracelets.

Bracelet from a paracord Snake

Bracelet Snake contains a set of NAZ, paracord about 3 meters, an alarming whistle, flint, chair blade. Rub in the shell for easy ignition of fire from a spark.

Brass Bracelets

A separate series of paracord bracelets are bracelets with a metal clasp in the form of the hammer of Thor. Such bracelets are not only a beautiful and stylish accessory, but also contain a wearable emergency stock. This truly is a masterpiece. In fact, it’s the kinds of bracelet being inherited from ancestors.

Choosing a bracelet color

A huge selection of colors and color combinations will not leave anyone indifferent, but that’s not all. For two-color bracelets, you can apply the function Reverse color. What does it mean? This means that when ordering, you can swap the main and additional colors. Example, in the original version, the bracelet Black with yellow has a primary color black and an additional yellow. If you select the reverse color option, then when weaving the bracelet, the colors will be swapped, the main color will turn yellow and the additional color will be black. The function is applicable only to two-color bracelets. Nevertheless, this bracelet as a Valentine’s gift for your special someone would be a great idea.

Paracord bracelet size selection

Another advantage of making bracelets to order is that you can choose a bracelet specifically for your size, and not buy something in stock at a regular store. To choose the right bracelet size, you just need to measure your wrist.

This to consider about this bracelet is it doesn’t easily go off. Perfect travel bracelet, too!

Choose the color of clasps

Black fasteks can be a classic, but if you want a pink bracelet with a green buckle please, this is not a problem. It can still be given as bracelet gift to your fiance.

In online store assortment there are fasteks of various colors like black, brown, gray, dark green, blue, purple, orange, pink, red and light green glowing in the dark. If it’s Christmas, you can choose white and red bracelet that matches Christmas outfits.

As mentioned above for each bracelet except for the bracelet Snakes, you can add an additional NAZ. This can be tinder for igniting a fire from a spark and potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate in a sealed package is added to the inside of the bracelet, and tinder for ignition is woven into the upper layer of the bracelet. This is important, since it can be pulled out without unwinding the bracelet. In the photo you can see the difference between the standard bracelet and the bracelet with the added tinder.