10 Wine Tips That’ll Make You Sound Like A Badass

These wine tips cover some of the stranger bits of language and etiquette used by wine connoisseurs.

Come to think of it, the world of wine is full of weird quirks.

For example, have you ever watched a bunch of elegant wine drinkers spit out hundreds of dollars worth of wine? (This is very common at professional tastings!)

So, here are 10 wine tips that’ll help you fake it ’til you make it.

1. If you don’t know what to say, try, “Interesting.”

This is the non-committal adjective of the year! Don’t panic: just swirl your wine, sniff it, and mutter, “Interesting…” to yourself. It’ll buy you some time while you try to remember the difference between a peach and a nectarine, or while you decide whether or not to admit you hate the wine you put in your mouth.

2. Hold your glass by the stem or the base.

This might seem like a snobby thing to worry about, but it’s actually practical. Wine temperature is a big deal to wine pros. (We’ve seen people argue over a matter of a single degree: ugly).

Also, holding a glass a certain way is the secret handshake of the wine elite.

Know more about wine temperatures here.

3. If you can’t smell the wine, it might be “closed.”

Most of us should be able to smell any wine, no matter how subtle it is (unless of course you suffer from anosmia). Still, some wines are seriously tough to suss out aromas.

Why? Well, there are several reasons for this. For one, wines sit inside a bottle for a year or more without any additional oxygen. In this state, chemical reactions that age wine pull other elements (besides an “O”) for the task. This is why decanting wine (especially reds) is so important!

4. The term “expressive” wins points.

Is the wine crazy aromatic, like a spritz of perfume? Or, are the aromas as flamboyant and talkative as your drunk aunt at a wedding?

Just like you’d describe that one friend you have, it’s nicer to say “expressive” instead of “they won’t shut up.” Perhaps “expressive” is too grandiloquent? We think not! Here are some more words to try: flashy, exuberant, lively, vibrant, animated, showy, substantial, bountiful, and magnanimous (your 8th grade English teacher would be proud!).

5. Despite common logic, spitting is classy.

Of all the wine tips, this is the weirdest. It’s true that you don’t always have to spit. But if you’re going through several bottles, spitting is a great idea (no matter what your mom told you when you were little). It keeps you sober(ish) and focused on “tasting” rather than “drinking.”

What’s more important is that you practice your spitting skills. It actually makes a difference.

6. Oddly enough, “spicy” isn’t a wine term.

When it comes to wine, “spicy” isn’t really a thing. This gets confusing when you consider how many actual spices pop up in tasting notes: anise, cloves, black pepper, and cinnamon.

Try to be specific, like using “peppery” or “leathery” when you sense “spice.” And, if the wine is sharp-tasting, it might actually have high acidity.

7. High alcohol wines are referred to as “hot.”

Think of that alcohol burning down your throat and sending up fumes like steam off of a boiling pot of water; that’s what we mean by “hot.” Alcohol level is an interesting feature in wine because it actually increases the perception of body.

Wine has a incredibly high range of alcohol levels starting at about 5% and reaching as high as 24%!

8. Good clinking is a good practice!

There are plenty of theories out there about where the tradition of clinking glasses came from. (Sadly, there’s no evidence that it started with paranoid leaders splashing wine together to avoid poisons).

But one thing’s for sure: the bowl is the strongest part of the glass, and it helps make that wonderful bell sound that stands out as the national anthem of wine drinkers all over the world. Also, look your toasting partner in the eye; it’s just good manners. You wouldn’t slow dance with someone and look over their shoulder the whole time, would you? On second thought, don’t answer that question…

9. Fruit-forward vs. earthy: know your preference!

While there’s no science to prove it, wines tend to fall into two categories: those carried by fruitier flavors, and those with more earthy, savory, “terroir-driven” notes about them. Think of the difference between a big, bold red with lots of berry flavors, and a lean, bracing red with complex flavors that hint at the earth from which the vines sprung.

There’s room for both at every tasting, but knowing your style will keep you from spending money on wine you don’t like.

10. When all else fails, blame it on the terroir.

Terroir might just be the most misused and overused word in wine.

In a nutshell, terroir encapsulates all the factors that drive uniqueness: the soil, the weather, the culture, and the geography (and a whole lot more, depending on who you talk to). It’s the reason a Sauvignon Blanc from France tastes completely different from a Sauvignon Blanc made in New Zealand. Of course, science has only a little bit of insight as to what’s going on.

So for now, if you can’t explain why a wine tastes the way it does, it might be the terroir.

Why Wine Is Essential To Being A Good Mother

When you think of motherhood, ingesting substances is not the first thing that comes to mind. But a lot of us mothers would tell you that they have become an integral part of the process. Take coffee. Coffee is what gives me the energy every single morning to rise up and mother the little people I’m responsible for. I look forward to it, and deep down I believe that it makes me a better person. Maybe even a better mother (gasp). The smell, the taste, the jolt of electricity that seems to course through my body after I’ve had my first cup — it is life giving, awakening the half-asleep zombie who was forced to emerge before the sun in the wee hours of the morning to pack lunches, make breakfast and prepare her irritable offspring for the day that lies ahead.

Now wine, on the other hand, is the very antithesis of coffee. But to a certain set of mothers, myself included, it is no less important to the daily grind of rearing our children. In fact, the promise of wine at the end of a particularly challenging day of motherhood is like a beacon in the darkest of nights. It is the reward for a job well done. It is the spoils of war, if you will. I genuinely look forward to it and how consuming a single glass slows me down and transports me to a state of calm, after a day that is chock full of crazy. I don’t look at my nightly glass of cheer as a form of stress management or self medication and I certainly don’t need it (well, “need” is probably debatable). I, like a lot of mothers I know, consume that glass of wine at the end of the day because we truly enjoy relishing the time it takes to enjoy it, time that isn’t being interrupted to get someone a juice box or explain why painting the family dog isn’t a good idea.

At the end of every day I lovingly and efficiently tuck my charming and incessant little humans into bed, and then greedily reap the benefits of a quiet house. Armed with a glass of relaxation in one hand and a good book or remote in the other, I settle in on the couch that I’ve been neglecting all day, finally ready to enjoy a rare moment of peace. As I linger over my glass, I’m focused on enjoying the warmth that washes over me, versus acknowledging the pile of unfolded laundry that’s eyeing me from the dining room table, silently judging my indulgence.

After seven years of being in the parenting trenches, this is what I know for sure: Parenting is hard and mothering is exhausting. At the end of each full and moderately productive day, a glass of perfectly chilled Riesling can restore your sanity and leave you prepared to suit up and do battle the next day. Also, every mother should know that workouts do help. Especially when you wear waist trainers while losing weight.

Wine and Pot Playdates Are Becoming the Norm for Millennial Moms

Wine-y moms are all over Instagram — not complainers, just lovers of the daytime glass of wine while shuffling their kid or kids from place to place.

There’s even wine-mom merch; socks, sweatshirts, and T-shirts with sayings like: “If you can read this, bring me a drink,” or “Let’s get ready to stumble.”

Whether you judge it or not, that sippy cup may not be filled with juice — it may be filled with what moms call “mommy juice,” and it’s become more and more acceptable to take the edge off of 24-hour parenting and screaming kids with a little Rosé or Pinot Grigio. Especially after going through a long pregnancy sober.

Last Sunday’s New York Times even covered a sober mom who was trying to survive in a wine-mom culture, saying mommy winos are more prevalent than people think. But it can easily get out of control, too. A playdate with a wine can soon turn into hours of mommy talk and two bottles down, then it starts happening on a daily basis.

Kelly Clarkson once told People when raising children, “wine is necessary.” The Facebook group “Moms Who Need Wine” has nearly one million members.

While our culture makes it look fun (See Bad Moms), being social with the other moms in your neighborhood oftentimes requires booze. But that comes with nasty hangovers that can affect your mornings, and your parenting. Also, studies show that a parent’s relationship with alcohol and the way we treat booze in front of them has a direct influence on a child.

We spoke to mommy expert Lyss Stern, mom of three and owner Divamoms.com, a lifestyle company for moms. She is also the bestselling author of If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself, and talks about moms and drinking in the Manhattan social scene.

She does not tell moms to go out and get drunk, and says that you have to control it. A glass of wine (especially red wine) can be very good for you, your health and your sleep. She notes that moms that cannot drink for various reasons should find other ways to de-stress, like yoga, mediation, walking, taking a hot bubble bath, and trying to get a good nights sleep.

Stern says that many moms do drink, (she even has a DeLysscious Martini recipe in the book) and often have book parties to unwind with a glass of wine.

“Moms sometimes drink at book parties, at work events, moms night out dinners,” Stern says. “But I have yet to ever see a mom get out of control with her drinking. The moms that I know and work with are most responsible. I also think that more and more moms are also very health conscious and responsible. Would not want to get drunk and or have that feeling the next morning of a hang over.”

But that’s not all moms.

Boston mom Laura McKowen started a blog about drinking and how our mommy culture glorifies that sweet glass of wine to take the edge off.

“It was definitely a thing that was prized in mommy culture, to drink, and to drink because you were a mom, because you had kids. You needed this,” Laura McKowen tells WBZ-TV “It was like a joke,” she said. “The kids have their sippy cups and we have our sippy cups, the wine.”

But, she adds, “Eventually, I would have lost custody of my daughter. It was inevitable,” she said.

The number of women who consumed more than four drinks a day rose almost 60 percent between 2002 and 2013, according to the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions. And a JAMA Psychiatry study found that between 2002 and 2013, “high-risk drinking,” or four or more drinks a day, was steadily rising among moms.

Cindy Feinberg, President of The Recovery Coach New York, tells Personal Space the mommy-wine culture is in both the suburbs and the city. “It starts as a social thing, making new mommy friends … socializing isn’t all that easy for some people, it starts with a glass of wine. I don’t think everyone who drinks with kids has a problem with alcohol, but there are people who cross the line,” she says.

Feinberg, a recovering alcoholic herself who is now 32 years sober, says that drinking is especially a problem for moms because everything gets lowered, your reactions are slower. “If your kid falls are you able to react as quickly? I doubt it.”

“It becomes a moral question for some people,” she adds. “is it OK to drink during the day while you’re with your toddler… when I was a mom that was social, it didn’t really come into play until they were older, but now alcohol and wine are served at playdates, it’s among the millennial moms — the 30’s crowd.”

Feinberg says that for a lot of people who have left careers to raise a baby, boredom sets in and it’s hard to keep your sanity, or just everybody’s doing it and it seems normal. But she’s helped people who have gone too far, passing out, blacking out, and unable to care for the kid.

“I often hear ‘I was blacked out and drove drunk,’ [and] many parents now have to be monitored because of substance abuse,” she says. “It’s definitely more people than you think, [and} there’s a lot of pot too. Where it’s legal, dispensaries [have] edibles and it’s so easy to take. And alcohol is served at parties, even school functions have alcohol.”

If you find yourself on a slippery slope, talk to a professional and you can take measures to stop, Feinberg says. There are questions you can answer to find out if you’re being social or if you have a problem.

Also, having a nanny makes it easier to get drunk, because there is a certain level of ease and less consequences to deal with when someone is there to take care of the children.

“It is a big part of our culture, and I have had many clients go to rehab, addiction is a hard disease to break,” Feinberg adds. “I have a lot of empathy for moms, but there is a whole world of fun, sober moms out there.”

The Twin Mom Survival Guide: The First Six Months

Seven survival skills from a twin mom to help adjust to life with two.

It gets better. When I was pregnant, the twin moms I know indoctrinated me into their club by informing me of the twin mantra I would be repeating to myself every day for the first few months. I had no idea what they were talking about because I was happily decorating the nursery, buying adorable baby clothes and going on organizational rampages through the house (the tape on my label maker had to be replaced several times). My biggest concern was if my newly formed cankles would ever go away. Then my husband and I brought little Theo and Gemma home from the hospital, and I called all my twin mom friends and made them remind me of the mantra every day. Because those first few months were crazypants.

Now my babies are six months old and I wanted to share a few things that helped me adapt to my new situation. The last time I had to adapt to a new life this quickly was when I arrived at USC my freshman year from my small town in Virginia. Unfortunately frat parties and jungle juice were not going to get me through twin parenting.

Survival Skill #1:

When your babies are both crying at the same time, force yourself to laugh at how ridiculous the situation is as you go back and forth soothing them. Because this will happen and it sucks. The good news is, for me and most of my twin mom friends, you usually have one mellow baby and one feisty baby. This will cut down on the dual meltdowns, although in my case, we had a Freaky Friday situation and the mellow and feisty one switched places around month three. That was slightly confusing, but hey, we were happy one was still mellow.

Survival Skill #2:

Invest in two swings. You don’t need two activity mats, you don’t need two Sophie the Giraffes and you definitely don’t need those twenty Aden and Anais swaddle blankets you panicked and registered for at the last minute. But two swings are the gift that keeps on giving. My babies fell asleep in them when they were under three months and now that they’re six months, they immediately relax and play with the mobile part while they’re swinging. Two days ago they were both upset from teething and I put them in the swings with their teether toys and they were smiling within two minutes. You should also invest on buying good blankets for the babies to sleep comfortable in cold weather.

Survival Skill #3:

Don’t hang out with singleton moms for at least a month after you give birth. Being a mom is exhausting and challenging for everyone and I’m not taking any part of that away from singleton moms. But for that first month, it’s tough to hear them talk about how hard it is with one baby. That being said, I imagine a mom of triplets would think I’m a complete wuss. But take my advice on this one because in your exhausted state, you don’t want to say something to one of your friends you’ll regret later once you’ve gotten more than two hours of sleep and your filter is back intact.

Survival Skill #4:

Do your dark circles a favor and blend YSL Touche Eclat with Benefit Erase Paste all over those swollen bad boys. First put on the Touche Eclat, then the Erase Paste. The combo is unbeatable and I at least looked fifty percent less exhausted than I felt when I finally left the house for my first big grocery store outing.

Survival Skill #5:

If someone asks you if they can help, SAY YES! Even if you don’t have a job for them at that exact moment, say yes because you will. Twins are an all hands on deck situation those first few months. I don’t care if this person is a satellite friend you barely know, they said they want to help, so let them!

Mother breastfeeding twin baby boys (3-6 months), mid section

Survival Skill #6:

Learn the art of the double bottle feed (and make sure your husband, boyfriend, partner, etc. does too!). First, you need two of these rocker chairs (obviously there are many options, but I found these to be the best). Then bib up your babies, take a seat in front of them and feed them both at the same time. When you need to burp one baby and the other one is screaming because they want to continue eating, you can prop their bottle up with a few blankets. And like everything else with twins, this gets sooooo much easier as they get older.

Survival Skill #7:

Repeat the twin mantra whenever you’re feeling yourself downward spiral. IT GETS BETTER. The first time your babies smile at each other is the coolest thing ever and nothing compares to that moment. Oh, and the other piece of good news – those cankles totally go away.

Wine Knowledge: The 5 Qualities of the Best Wine

Wine is one of the most beloved drinks all over the world. The first traces of wine date back thousands of years, and it has been mentioned through the centuries all over the world. As they say, wine is the drink of gods. Yet people know very little about it in general.


One doesn’t need to be a sommelier to know the difference between good and bad wine. If you know what the qualities of the best wine are, you’ll quickly learn to taste the difference. A wine guide won’t tell you the quality of the wine you are having. But if you learn what to look for, you’ll be able to determine it yourself.

Balanced Taste

When it comes to the qualities of the best wine, the taste is the most important one. Some wines are sweet; some are bitter. But as long as you have taste buds on your tongue, you’ll be able to distinguish the taste of the wine you’re having.


Professional sommeliers and wine connoisseurs can differentiate dozens of specific wine tastes just by smelling it and taking a small sip. It’s a skill that requires years of practice and experience to master. But, for regular people, knowing the basics is more than enough to distinguish good from bad wine.


The thing you should know is that a good-quality wine will never have a specific taste or aroma you’ll be able to tell right away. Sweetness, sourness, a bit of acidity, and saltiness should all be noticeable but not overwhelming. If the wine you’re having tastes bitter, it means that it’s full of tannin. It comes from the grape skin and seeds and is greatly responsible for the taste. 

Complex but Reveals Clarity in Flavor

Every type of wine has one or two specific tastes in combination with a mixture of other tastes. One of the qualities of the best wine is that many aromas are mixed, but one should be dominant and clearly noticeable.


When you take a look at the wine guide, you should be able to easily find the aroma or flavor of the wine you’re having. Sommeliers are able to differentiate most of the flavors in a specific wine. But as an amateur enthusiast, you’ll be overwhelmed by the complexity of flavors many wines have.

Concentration is important when trying to determine the taste, so avoid crowded areas or any other form of distraction. You should also have a neutral biscuit before tasting the wine to get rid of any residue flavors from food or drinks you had previously.


When you have good conditions to properly taste the wine, you’ll be able to tell by the flavor whether you’re presented with a bottle of good quality wine or not. Proper taste is one of the main qualities of the best wine. So take your time the next time you go wine-tasting.

Well-Known Wine Origin

Wine comes from fermented grapes. Many people think that wine tastes the same, no matter where the grapes come from. But the place of origin plays a significant role when it comes to wine quality. 


Now, it’s only natural to mention the top places the top wines come from. France is the first country that comes to mind when people think about wine, and for a good reason. Some of the world’s most famous names come from France. They include Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and many more.


Italy is just as famous as France. The two countries are currently battling for first place on the wine list. Italy has significantly improved wine production in the past couple of years. Now, some of the most famous Italian wines include Prosecco, Merlot, Trebbiano Toscano, Sangiovese, and Nero d’Avola.


When it comes to famous wine regions in the U.S., California is by far the leader. The world’s largest wine producer, Gallo, is located in Modesto, California.

Good Level of Alcohol

When it comes to wine alcohol percentage, there’s no perfect amount. Each type of wine has a specific amount of alcohol that goes perfectly with it. Every wine guide should include the percentage of alcohol and what is considered the perfect pour of wine. 


You might have noticed that different types of wine are poured into different types of glasses and in different amounts. Wine with a smaller percentage of alcohol is usually poured freely. On the other hand, wines with a larger percentage of alcohol are served in smaller glasses.

The percentage of alcohol in a wine is important for pairing it with specific foods. Of course, alcohol percentage is one of the important qualities of the best wine. But it varies from type to type. When it comes to food pairing, wine with a lower percentage of alcohol is mostly recommended with seafood, appetizers, and soft cheeses such as Brie or Mascarpone.


Wine with a medium amount of alcohol usually goes with salmon, pasta, and pork chops. Wine with a high percentage of alcohol goes great with meat. They’re great as dessert wines as well, and you can sip them without eating anything.

Leaves a Long-Lasting Sensation

Wine-lovers who like to have a few glasses enjoy the taste occasionally. But the taste that is left after is what creates the biggest impression. The initial aroma and flavor are the first impression that determines whether a person will continue drinking a specific type of wine or not. The aftertaste is important for people who only drink the wine without pairing it with any food. Having a sweet taste for half an hour after finishing the glass is what makes people fall in love with a brand.


When you come across a low-quality wine, not only will the taste feel artificial, but the sensation after having a few sips will last only a minute or two. Not that the long-lasting sensation is a sign you should be looking for, but there’s a distinctive difference between the two. You could say that it’s one of the qualities people notice first. Even if they don’t have experience in wine-tasting.

Your Practical Nesting Dolls Do’s And Don’ts

Russian dolls, the analogies are many, motherhood and fertility with the mother welcoming all her children in it, the physical and psychological complexity of the human being, the interweaving of our planet in its system, its galaxy, its universe etc. What is the largest nesting doll? Russian dolls are both multiple, unique and complementary dolls. Just like the steps of an innovation process.

Imagine that the first of the matriochkas, the smallest, is your revolutionary idea, the one that sprouts in your head and only needs a spark to see the light of day. It’s so tiny that we could easily lose it. And yet we must take care of it, it is the heart of the process, the one without which the series cannot begin, or will never be full. Then put it in the second Russian doll, slightly larger. They fit together perfectly. This new matryoshka is hardly more developed, but it already contains more details: it’s your concept.

Loosen your doll-concept now in her big sister, the project stage. This doll is still gaining precision. We are only in the third matryoshka, and yet its size and shape already augur the breadth and scope of your innovation.

First three trundles then come to lodge in the following:

The realization: This is very important, both for the matriochkas series and for your innovation process. If the next and last of the matriochkas can be considered as “the final package”, the doll-realization will be the first to be discovered when we decide to interact with the series, to open the treasure box.

After the realization comes next the placing on the market, a round matryoshka, robust, complete. With its fine and numerous details, this last doll has been designed to please and convince. She is the promise of what she protects inside.

For many tourists, the “matryoshka” represents an indispensable souvenir of Russia. Few know that this multicolored trundle doll has its origins in Japan, before being closely linked to the country that has made its symbol. An exhibition in Moscow entitled The Matryoshka: Not a Simple Toy, which is being held at the Moscow Museum of Decorative Arts until September 13th, unveils the little known story of the Russian dolls.

Jovial peasants of the Tsarist era, workers and cosmonauts of the Soviet era, Lenin, Stalin or Vladimir Putin, even today the anti-Putin protesters of the Pussy Riot. These wooden dolls nested in each other have for more than a century mirrored all eras and continue to do so in souvenir shops and dedicated matryoshka stores such as nestingdolls.co. Virtually every Russian family has at least one matryoshka.

They are in different variations, sizes, colorings, formats. A huge opening day of Russian souvenirs and everyone is so cute! Matryoshka, so you know, one of the most popular goods in Europe. And in Prague there is a main wholesale warehouse, from where these wooden, covered with paints and varnish handicraft crafts fly all over the world. You met with the head of the company and learned from him a lot of interesting things, like how they are avoiding the use of PVC in dolls because of its adverse effects to humans.

Wooden greats sharpened his great-grandfather in the Nizhny Novgorod village, then the grandfather and father continued this business, and now Zhenya himself, having passed all the steps of the craft, settled in Prague and is promoting the most popular Russian souvenir on world markets. From here, from Wenceslas Square, his crafts begin to travel around countries and continents.

A good matryoshka is different in that:

All of her figures easily fit into each other; two parts of one nesting dolls fit snugly and do not hang out; the drawing is correct and clear; well, and, of course, a good matryoshka should be beautiful. The first nesting dolls were coated with wax, and they were coated with varnish when they became a children’s toy. The lacquer protected the paint, did not allow them to deteriorate so quickly, cut off, kept the color longer. The most interesting thing is that in the first matryoshka there was a burning out of the contours of the face and the costume. And even if the paint peeled off, what was done by burning remained for a long time.

Russian matryoshka: A real wonder of the world.

Present because it was and remains the creation of human hands. Wonder of the World because surprisingly the toy symbol of Russia moves around the world, not recognizing any distances, boundaries, or political regimes. It is believed that the Russian matryoshka was machined according to a sample brought from Japan. According to some information, the dolls appeared in Russia only after the Russian-Japanese war and the return of prisoners of war from Japan to Russia.

And finally, “Palekh”

It would be nice to remind here about the style of painting, which is no longer associated with dishes, but with jewelry storage boxes – it’s about so-called “Palekh” boxes or “Palekh” paintings: the name is associated with one of the villages located in Central Russia. Of course, these boxes are more used by women to store various kinds of precious jewelry. Paintings on caskets represent, as a rule, scenes from real life or famous plots of folklore.

6 Practical Tips In Buying Charms For Bracelets

Online you can buy Charms for Bracelets with a wearable emergency reserve. these are available at https://braceletworld.co/. The choice of colors, types and sizes is quite large. How not to make a mistake with the choice? Which bracelet to choose for a man, which one for a child, and which for a girl? How to choose the size? What is the difference between bracelets? How to make a purchase? All these questions can be answered in this article.

It is very simple to buy a survival bracelet, choose a bracelet type, color, additional options, throw everything into the basket, specify your data for sending the package and place your order and now in detail about all the nuances. If your boyfriend is like Bear Grylls, this bracelet should impress him.

Paracord Bracelet Type

 The main difference between bracelets with a wearable emergency reserve is the quantity of this NAZ itself.

The simplest, but at the same time more compact and convenient for constant wear, is the survivable bracelet. The maximum size of this bracelet is 20 cm (XL). It looks better on women’s, children’s or just a thin hand and will not be convenient for people with thick fingers, as it has a small fastex and it will not be convenient to unbutton it. The lively bracelet contains from 4 to 6 meters of paracord, 5 fishing hooks, 6 meters of fishing thread, 2 sealed matches and strikes.

Medium-sized bracelet has a large selection of color combinations, nothing superfluous and at the same time contains 7 items from 4.5 to 6 meters of paracord, 5 fishing hooks, 6 meters of fishing thread, 2 hermetically packed matches and strikes, Flint , blade, alarming whistle. It has a large fasteks, which is convenient to undo and fasten.

The most sophisticated survival bracelet is Extreme. It contains 9 items. All is in the bracelet Second Chance compass with flammable liquid and tinder to ignite the fire from the spark. This bracelet is really very functional and can rightly be called a survival bracelet, but wearing such a bracelet every day in everyday life may not be very comfortable. A bracelet more suitable for traveling and serious forays into nature.  It is worth adding that for each bracelet you can add an additional stock of tinder for ignition and potassium permanganate in a sealed package. Potassium permanganate can be used to disinfect water, in case of poisoning, to wash wounds.

New lightweight bracelets Snakes are not included in the table, contain a smaller set of NAZ, but more comfortable for everyday wear, they are softer and more elastic. The thickness of the bracelets Snakes is smaller and they are also a bit narrower, so for a small hand size they are more comfortable. For girls experts also recommend these particular bracelets.

Bracelet from a paracord Snake

Bracelet Snake contains a set of NAZ, paracord about 3 meters, an alarming whistle, flint, chair blade. Rub in the shell for easy ignition of fire from a spark.

Brass Bracelets

A separate series of paracord bracelets are bracelets with a metal clasp in the form of the hammer of Thor. Such bracelets are not only a beautiful and stylish accessory, but also contain a wearable emergency stock. This truly is a masterpiece. In fact, it’s the kinds of bracelet being inherited from ancestors.

Choosing a bracelet color

A huge selection of colors and color combinations will not leave anyone indifferent, but that’s not all. For two-color bracelets, you can apply the function Reverse color. What does it mean? This means that when ordering, you can swap the main and additional colors. Example, in the original version, the bracelet Black with yellow has a primary color black and an additional yellow. If you select the reverse color option, then when weaving the bracelet, the colors will be swapped, the main color will turn yellow and the additional color will be black. The function is applicable only to two-color bracelets. Nevertheless, this bracelet as a Valentine’s gift for your special someone would be a great idea.

Paracord bracelet size selection

Another advantage of making bracelets to order is that you can choose a bracelet specifically for your size, and not buy something in stock at a regular store. To choose the right bracelet size, you just need to measure your wrist.

This to consider about this bracelet is it doesn’t easily go off. Perfect travel bracelet, too!

Choose the color of clasps

Black fasteks can be a classic, but if you want a pink bracelet with a green buckle please, this is not a problem. It can still be given as bracelet gift to your fiance.

In online store assortment there are fasteks of various colors like black, brown, gray, dark green, blue, purple, orange, pink, red and light green glowing in the dark. If it’s Christmas, you can choose white and red bracelet that matches Christmas outfits.

As mentioned above for each bracelet except for the bracelet Snakes, you can add an additional NAZ. This can be tinder for igniting a fire from a spark and potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate in a sealed package is added to the inside of the bracelet, and tinder for ignition is woven into the upper layer of the bracelet. This is important, since it can be pulled out without unwinding the bracelet. In the photo you can see the difference between the standard bracelet and the bracelet with the added tinder.

Coolest Onesies To Include In Your Wish List

Onesies is the Japanese name of the performers who represent cartoon characters, animals and other characters, which later became the name of a whole youth outfit fashion trend. Japanese youth helped Onesies to go from a fancy dress to a whole direction in the Japanese fashion industry. In order to buy Onesies, it is not necessary to go to Japan. Now Onesies can be bought online. Why are animal onesies so poplar?

Types of men’s pajamas

We already wrote about women’s pajamas, now the time has come to write about the types of men’s pajamas: what they are and how they differ from each other. Such products are less in demand than the opposite sex. After all, you can just sleep in shorts, and some doctors recommend sleeping naked at all, so that during the night’s rest nothing will overwhelm anywhere and blood circulation should be free even during sleep.

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, we wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes, and as a result, we want to take everything off ourselves in the evening, put on a spacious, loose robe that will not crush or relax anywhere. Pajamas, by the way, can also be a very convenient counterpart to a spacious bathrobe. For many, this particular product has become the most convenient and comfortable type of home wear. Of course, it is possible to sleep in it at night, moreover – it is designed and created for precisely such purposes.

So, a few words about the most popular basic styles pajamas for men, as well as the basic materials (fabrics) from which they are made and quite a bit about their colors. Let’s talk a little about the following styles and types are traditional classic, romantic silk and cheerful Onesies.

Styles of men’s pajamas

The classic look is a loose long pants and shirt. In modern models, instead of a shirt, there can be a onesies with long sleeves. Convenient and as comfortable as possible, onesie for the cold season is made of relatively warm materials (velor, fleece, mahr). But for the summer you can buy a version of thin lightweight fabrics for example, cotton or bamboo. In this case, instead of long pants will be shorts, and as the top – a shirt with short sleeves.

Instead of pajamas, many men prefer to sleep simply in their underpants, not bothering with extra clothing for sleeping.

Silk men’s pajamas may appeal to many men. Silk after all can be actual and natural not only for female clothes. Instead of natural silk, artificial satin or satin can be used, which also looks great and is worn. These are very light airy fabrics that are pleasant for the body and have a charming look beautiful and elegant.


Onesies pajamas

No, no, not a kangaroo, Onesies. In fact, it is a type of onesies with zippers or buttons, which manufacturers sew from relatively warm knitwear (for example, it can be fleece, mahr, velor or flannel. Very often Onesies pajamas are presented in the form of animals and various little animals (tiger, leopard, fur seals, panda There may also be such items for sleeping in the form of cartoon characters (for example, the Pikachu character is very popular.) Most often, Onesies has a hood with ears and an animal muzzle, and even a tail may be behind. Many men of different styles like the Onesies in our time. This is a very unusual and funny modern model, which are becoming more popular every year.

As a rule, most often men choose in their clothes more restrained colors for example, white, black, gray, beige, flesh and a uniform gamma. At the same time, they can calmly relate to the colors for underwear, here you can forget about stereotypes and return to childhood for a while, choosing bright colors, funny or cartoon prints, unexpected patterns and ornaments, oriental motifs. This applies not only to underwear (panties and T-shirts for home use), but also for sleeping clothes.

Every person needs a dream. In the dream we rest, gain strength. Moreover, every woman knows that in a dream she should look attractive especially if she sleeps with her chosen one. Of course, some ladies choose for themselves luxurious peignoirs. But they, to be honest, are not entirely comfortable. But pajamas are a different matter.

Onesies pajamas can be worn not only by women, but also by men.

Onesies pajamas are sold only in a set – immediately for him and for her. They are very beautiful, stylish, but most importantly – comfortable. Plus, they are able to cheer up anyone and sleep in them will be just wonderful, calm and relaxing. You can buy such a kit in the online store like kigurumi.co. Onesies pajamas are always increased comfort. In addition, these clothes look stylish and can make any of the women attractive. Of course, it is important here to choose the right pajamas model: its style, color, pattern, and so on. And of course, you need to pay attention to the material from which pajamas are sewn. It should be soft, pleasant to the touch, gentle. In addition, the pajamas themselves must be very well made.

Do you think that designers are developing models of clothes only for publication?

This is not true. It has long been clear that fashion will not be needed by anyone if it cannot be put on the street. But, in addition, designers come up with more clothes for home, for sleeping. They are developing new, trendy and comfortable pajamas. Such pajamas can make any night, any day a small holiday. Why are we talking about the day? Yes, because in pajamas you can not only sleep. In pajamas, you can go walk the dog. In pajamas, you can walk around the house when it is cool outside and the heating has not been turned on yet. You can do running with onesie on to your neighbors for a minute. Finally, in your pajamas, you can have a fun, awesome pajama party.

Today it is especially popular cool pajamas. These are very bright, unusual models. They can be applied funny, even children’s drawings. For example, bears, hearts, flowers. Adults like to wear such pajamas, like how oldies love wearing corsets in gym workouts, because in them they remember their own childhood. But every adult in the shower is a child.

What is So Special for the Bat Onesies: Check out You?

Baby is about to arrive, more than a few weeks before seeing his adorable little face. The arrival of a child is synonymous with joy, happiness and great changes but also preparations!

What will baby wear during his first days and weeks of life? Size, shape, material the choice of the bat Onesies of birth is not made lightly. Whether you are a future parent or you want to give birth bat Onesies to your family, here are some tips for choosing them.

A must-have birth gift

Offering birth bat Onesies to happy parents for the arrival of their little one is a very good idea! Baby bat Onesies are a must-have gift and always very popular.

Choose natural materials like cotton and linen, which do not cause allergy and are gentle on the skin. During her first weeks of life, baby will wear comfortable bat Onesies: pajamas, bodysuits and frogs. Parents will have already planned some outfits for the birth, and a baby is growing so fast (it takes 10 to 30 grams per day!).

It is therefore advisable to offer bat Onesies size 3 to 6 months, to ensure that it has time to wear them. Unless you see the parents before birth, for a baby shower for example, you can offer a birth kit with usually a body, hat, socks, and a blanket!

What is needed for maternity? And for the return home?

After childbirth, we usually spend 3 to 5 days at the maternity ward. It is important to prepare a complete bag in advance so you do not miss anything during these first days with your baby and be as comfortable as possible.

Here is a list of scary bat Onesies and accessories to provide for your baby during the stay at the maternity ward (to be taken in size 0 to 1 month):

  • six easy-to-put body’s (which do not slip through the head but open in front with pressure)
  • One pajama a day (think of the regurgitations or vomit that will be frequent!)
  • an indispensable cotton onesies that keep baby warm
  • 2 to 3 pairs of cotton socks
  • a pair of slippers
  • a sleeping bag
  • 2 to 3 brassieres or small vests

Once back home, it will be necessary to have available some outfits in size 1 and 3 months: bodysuits, rompers, rompers, some hats, socks, slippers, vests, pajamas and one or two sleeping bags, dressed dresses when we receive family and loved ones (who will all want a little photo with the newborn).

Remember to adapt your baby’s outfits to the climate and the season, avoiding too much coverage. In fact, a baby overly covered is dehydrated quickly.

Some last tips

At birth, a baby is fragile and needs maximum comfort. It will therefore be necessary to choose easy to put on bat Onesies (which open in front, behind or at the crotch), comfortable (bodysuits, sleepers, pajamas) and soft and natural materials (cotton, linen).

Regarding size, reserve size 0 for babies born prematurely or small size; opt for clothing from 1 month.

Indeed, you should not buy too many outfits for the first few months, because you will have to change very often the wardrobe of your little one during his first months and the first year of his life. I bought a lot of bat Onesies for Halloween, sized 0, 1 and 3 months because they were too cute but they stayed in the closet because baby grew up very fast!

Avoid as much as possible bat Onesies that fold because a baby does not move much, it can irritate him and mark his skin. In this sense, the body is the ideal outfit, you can refuel body.

If you want to give birth bat Onesies, prefer to choose a size above and a piece suitable for the next season.

That’s it, you know everything about how to dress baby from head to toe for the first weeks to allow him to discover life in the greatest comfort!

It is not advisable to buy too much birth bat Onesies for your baby, because sometimes baby is big at birth and it will hardly carry them. In order to avoid any loss of money, it is best to buy bat Onesies in 1 month or 3 months. Anyway, even if the bat Onesies are a little too big, it will not shock anyone. Otherwise you will find cheap bat Onesies for your baby on the internet or in the shops.

Bat Onesies 1 Month and 3 Months

For bat Onesies in size 1 month, do not hesitate to take 3 or 4 pajamas and a seasonal outfit to please you.

But again, baby will not wear clothing in size 1 month long, so do not buy too much bat Onesies in this size.

However, in 3 months, you can increase the quantities. Prefer pajamas because babies are much better in pajamas than in outfits where often they are too tight at the waist.

For 3 months, you can take at least 15 bodies, 7 pajamas and 2 outfits for the parents’ pleasure.

Bat Onesies 6-9 Months

Baby continues to grow visibly. Between 6 and 9 months, to be comfortable, 15 bodies, 10 pajamas and 5 outfits of the season will do.

Bat Onesies

Baby arrives at a stage where he begins to get dirty a lot and especially does not necessarily grow as fast as when he was still a baby. The bat Onesies are perfect options for that time.

At this age, it is better to have more outfits rather than pajamas. It is possible to shoot with 10 bodies, 7 pajamas and 8 outfits.

Regarding coats, hats or gloves, you can buy one in size 3 months, one in size 6 months and one in size 12 months.

No need to multiply costs by deciding to buy several coats, scarves and hats in the same size, unless you choose fancy hats to have fun.

Note, for bibs, you can buy large quantities in the vicinity of 10, because they get dirty very quickly. Tip: avoid bibs too small. Better to buy large sizes directly. Baby bat Onesies will be better protected.