What is So Special for the Bat Onesies: Check out You?

Baby is about to arrive, more than a few weeks before seeing his adorable little face. The arrival of a child is synonymous with joy, happiness and great changes but also preparations!

What will baby wear during his first days and weeks of life? Size, shape, material the choice of the bat Onesies of birth is not made lightly. Whether you are a future parent or you want to give birth bat Onesies to your family, here are some tips for choosing them.

A must-have birth gift

Offering birth bat Onesies to happy parents for the arrival of their little one is a very good idea! Baby bat Onesies are a must-have gift and always very popular.

Choose natural materials like cotton and linen, which do not cause allergy and are gentle on the skin. During her first weeks of life, baby will wear comfortable bat Onesies: pajamas, bodysuits and frogs. Parents will have already planned some outfits for the birth, and a baby is growing so fast (it takes 10 to 30 grams per day!).

It is therefore advisable to offer bat Onesies size 3 to 6 months, to ensure that it has time to wear them. Unless you see the parents before birth, for a baby shower for example, you can offer a birth kit with usually a body, hat, socks, and a blanket!

What is needed for maternity? And for the return home?

After childbirth, we usually spend 3 to 5 days at the maternity ward. It is important to prepare a complete bag in advance so you do not miss anything during these first days with your baby and be as comfortable as possible.

Here is a list of scary bat Onesies and accessories to provide for your baby during the stay at the maternity ward (to be taken in size 0 to 1 month):

  • six easy-to-put body’s (which do not slip through the head but open in front with pressure)
  • One pajama a day (think of the regurgitations or vomit that will be frequent!)
  • an indispensable cotton onesies that keep baby warm
  • 2 to 3 pairs of cotton socks
  • a pair of slippers
  • a sleeping bag
  • 2 to 3 brassieres or small vests

Once back home, it will be necessary to have available some outfits in size 1 and 3 months: bodysuits, rompers, rompers, some hats, socks, slippers, vests, pajamas and one or two sleeping bags, dressed dresses when we receive family and loved ones (who will all want a little photo with the newborn).

Remember to adapt your baby’s outfits to the climate and the season, avoiding too much coverage. In fact, a baby overly covered is dehydrated quickly.

Some last tips

At birth, a baby is fragile and needs maximum comfort. It will therefore be necessary to choose easy to put on bat Onesies (which open in front, behind or at the crotch), comfortable (bodysuits, sleepers, pajamas) and soft and natural materials (cotton, linen).

Regarding size, reserve size 0 for babies born prematurely or small size; opt for clothing from 1 month.

Indeed, you should not buy too many outfits for the first few months, because you will have to change very often the wardrobe of your little one during his first months and the first year of his life. I bought a lot of bat Onesies for Halloween, sized 0, 1 and 3 months because they were too cute but they stayed in the closet because baby grew up very fast!

Avoid as much as possible bat Onesies that fold because a baby does not move much, it can irritate him and mark his skin. In this sense, the body is the ideal outfit, you can refuel body.

If you want to give birth bat Onesies, prefer to choose a size above and a piece suitable for the next season.

That’s it, you know everything about how to dress baby from head to toe for the first weeks to allow him to discover life in the greatest comfort!

It is not advisable to buy too much birth bat Onesies for your baby, because sometimes baby is big at birth and it will hardly carry them. In order to avoid any loss of money, it is best to buy bat Onesies in 1 month or 3 months. Anyway, even if the bat Onesies are a little too big, it will not shock anyone. Otherwise you will find cheap bat Onesies for your baby on the internet or in the shops.

Bat Onesies 1 Month and 3 Months

For bat Onesies in size 1 month, do not hesitate to take 3 or 4 pajamas and a seasonal outfit to please you.

But again, baby will not wear clothing in size 1 month long, so do not buy too much bat Onesies in this size.

However, in 3 months, you can increase the quantities. Prefer pajamas because babies are much better in pajamas than in outfits where often they are too tight at the waist.

For 3 months, you can take at least 15 bodies, 7 pajamas and 2 outfits for the parents’ pleasure.

Bat Onesies 6-9 Months

Baby continues to grow visibly. Between 6 and 9 months, to be comfortable, 15 bodies, 10 pajamas and 5 outfits of the season will do.

Bat Onesies

Baby arrives at a stage where he begins to get dirty a lot and especially does not necessarily grow as fast as when he was still a baby. The bat Onesies are perfect options for that time.

At this age, it is better to have more outfits rather than pajamas. It is possible to shoot with 10 bodies, 7 pajamas and 8 outfits.

Regarding coats, hats or gloves, you can buy one in size 3 months, one in size 6 months and one in size 12 months.

No need to multiply costs by deciding to buy several coats, scarves and hats in the same size, unless you choose fancy hats to have fun.

Note, for bibs, you can buy large quantities in the vicinity of 10, because they get dirty very quickly. Tip: avoid bibs too small. Better to buy large sizes directly. Baby bat Onesies will be better protected.